Monday, November 12, 2007


Radiohead covers The Smiths' "The Headmaster Ritual."

This is awesome because (as anyone who knows me is fully aware) The Smiths are my all time favorite band. And I discovered Le Smiths by reading interviews with Radiohead, who always list them, The Pixies, and Kraftwerk as their three big influences. Which made me check them out, and knocked Radioheasd off the top spot of...well, being my favorite band.
And oh yeah, the cover kicks total ass. It's probably my favorite Smiths cover I've heard...most covers of their works sounds lacking without his Morrissey-ness singing. But Radiohead, being probably the best, most interesting, and probably most influential band in the world right now, make it their own. Also, it's nice to see the guys in the band, who make generally grim and brainy music, just having fun playing a song they obviously love.
Radiohead's new album, (which, as you've heard unless you live under a rock, is available for download only on their website,) "In Rainbows" is fucking excellent, by the way.